Friday, March 11, 2011

Modern Madness Round 1 | Region 4 Voting

Voting for Region 3 is now closed!

Eager to see the winners? We had 544 total votes, and here's who emerged from Round 1 to battle again in Round 2:

It's a Hoot by Momo - 431 votes (79%)
def. Beetle Bugs by Saffron Craig - 113 (21%)

Remix by Ann Kelle - 359 votes (66%)
def. Country Lane by Bari J. - 185 (34%)

Weekends by Erin McMorris - 313 votes (58%)
def. Gypsy Bandana by Pillow & Maxfield - 231 (42%)

Far Far Away II by Heather Ross - 318 votes (58%)
def. Shades of Grey by Daisy Janie - 226 (42%)

Hideaway by Lauren & Jessi Jung - 278 votes (51%)
def. Impressions by Ty Pennington - 266 votes (49%)

Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry - 430 votes (79%)
def. A Tammis Keefe Tribute by Michael Miller Fabrics - 114 (21%)

Meadowsweet 2 by Sandi Henderson - 339 votes (62%)
def. Modern Whimsy by Laurie Wisbrun for Scarlet Fig - 205 (38%)

Urban Circus by Laurie Wisbrun - 304 votes (56%)
def. Origins by Basic Grey - 240 (44%)

So how did you do? Any upsets that you weren't expecting?

And now we move on to Region 4, home of several powerhouses (Patty Young, Lizzy House), early favorites (Echino, Hope Valley), dark horses (Habitat, Nature Walk, Wild World) and what is sure to be an epic showdown between Fig Tree Quilts & Kate Spain! Exciting stuff.

Here's the voting sheet, and links to the lines are below:


  1. Well, shoot. This is not as much fun as it used to be. :( Where did I go so wrong?

  2. think i'll raise the white flag of defeat now!! hmm..what free stuff can i giveaway to bribe some votes?! lol :)

  3. No bribes needed here Kate Spain. You have my vote and a large share of my fabric budget, too! I got 6 in that round bringing my total score so far to 17.

  4. The links would be helpful... ;)

  5. I got all but 1 right :)

  6. Guys, seriously ... have you ever heard of Google?

  7. I'm with ya, Kate! I don't think I could've possibly gotten a tougher competitor. Oh boy! But it's all in good fun, right?! ;)

  8. Dear Anonymous--yes, seriously...I've heard of Google. It's just more convenient to have the links.

    Thank you, John. This has been a lot of fun!

  9. 1. i love that you said "dark horses"
    2. GO HEELS!!!!
    3. this really is too fun. can we have another modern madness later this year?

  10. I really hope that you can all be there for the Castle Peeps, like they've been there for you.

  11. Thank you for including Kumari Garden! This is such a fun idea, we can't wait to watch the results come in.

    Dena Designs

  12. i really should be used to this competitive stuff by now, but i must admit i am a little stressed out about this fabric battle. hahaha! now i will sit and wait and bite my nails.

  13. Kate Spain all the way. Fandango is fabulous!

  14. I don't look at it that I lost in my bracket… ohhellno… I'm relaxing in the not-advancing lounge with people like Mo Bedell, Jennifer Paganelli and Denyse Schmidt! Not to mention I'm thrilled just to have been in the Modern Madness! I call that WINNING (in a non Charlie Sheen way, though I would drink a tiger blood margarita if our lounge's bartender offered one up).

    While the rest of you duke it out - Cameron Diaz is hand feeding us popcorn... and we welcome the next round of not-advancing new recruits to the Other Winner's Circle.

  15. I agree...links would be nice, even if there is a Google!

  16. Sandy, the links were added above!