Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tacha's Fat Quarterly Fabric Pack

I have been eagerly waiting for my turn to have a go at the fabric stack game! Picking and auditioning fabrics has to be one of my most favourite parts of the quilting process. Imagining all the projects that could be from each stack – unfortunately just not enough time in the day to make all of the projects I would like!

I went virtual shopping at Lola Pink Fabrics and I could have bought everything! But I was drawn to this print:

Pat Bravo’s Paradise Double Bloom in Ivory

Just love the mix of grey, purple, green blue and splashes of yellow.

So next I looked for co-ordinates to really showcase those colours.

1. Central Park Seneca Reservoir 2. Metro Living Geometric Grass 3. Aviary Geometric Lilac 4. Central Park Cobblestone Reservoir 5. Metro Living Circles Grey 6. Central Park Cobblestones Lawn 7. Kona Crocus 8. Paradise Double Bloom Ivory 9. Metro Living Circles Pewter 10. Daisies and Dots Chain Dots Turquoise 11. Metro Living Circles Green 12. Kona Aqua 13. Central Park Cobblestone Sunshine 14. Sunkissed Life Defined Limeade 15. Kona Chartreuse 16. Kona Charcoal 17. Circa 60 Beach Mod Medium Dot Mineral 18. Central Park Cherry Hill Plaza 19. Kona Ash 20. Central Park Bridlepath Reservoir

Now I would buy ALL of these if I had the choice! I love making quilts with a lot of different fabrics in them. I think it gives them more depth.

But sometimes the wallet just won’t stretch that far so I forced myself to be a bit more selective….

1. Metro Living Geometric Grass 2. Aviary Geometric Lilac 3. Metro Living Circles Grey 4. Kona Crocus 5. Pat Bravo’s Paradise Double Bloom in Ivory
6. Kona Charcoal 7. Kona Aqua 8. Central Park Cobblestone Sunshine 9. Sunkissed Life Defined Limeade

Although to be honest I think I would have to get these as well.... ;-)

1. Metro Living Circles Pewter 2. Daisies and Dots Chain Dots Turquoise 3. Kona Ash 4. Kona Chartreuse
If you also like this selection then head over to Lola Pink Fabrics and snap them up quickly.


  1. These are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Great Choices Tacha! But I always love your fabric combos!

  3. Beautiful & fresh - a great selection!

  4. I love Pat Bravo's farics, they get you in such a nice mood, not to mention they are sooooo soft :)
    And they encourage me to combine colours I otherwise would not have. THAT is fantasitc.

    I love your fabric choises Tacha, the many as well as the few. This is my favourite part as well XD.

  5. Gorgeous fabrics! The ladies at Lola Pinks are so super nice too!