Issue 1 - Fresh Start
We deeply apologise for a couple of problems in the some copies of the e-zine. We have corrected these problems in issues downloaded after Tuesday 27th April 2010.

In the featured crafters sections both Julie's (jaybirdquilts) and Ashley's (filminthefridge) are linking incorrectly.

You can find Julie's blog at the following address; Ashley can be found over at
It has also come to our attention that some of the hexagon templates are printing off a little smaller than they should be for some people.

Hexagon Templates
Please check your templates. The smaller templates should measure 0.75" and the larger templates 1.25" along one side. If they do not then please download your hexagon templates from here

Issue 2 - Scraps

p76 Issue 2 Circus Monkey Pattern

Step 3 Cutting Instructions should read as follows:

From the chocolate alphabet print, cut:
6 – 3 7/8” squares. Cut each in half diagonally to create 12 triangles.
2 – 7 ¼” squares. Cut each in half diagonally, and then cut in half diagonally again to create 8 triangles.

From the orange with yellow dots print, cut 2 – 3 7/8” square, then cut in half to create 4 triangles.

From the green alphabet print, cut 2 – 7 ¼” squares, cut in half diagonally, and then cut in half diagonally again to create 4 triangles.

From the chocolate / pink / yellow / green circle print, cut 16 – 4¾” squares

From the yellow with orange multi dot print, cut 4 – 4 ¾” squares

Page 7 Issue 2 - Reading Cushion

Step 2 Cushion Top Assembly -  should read as follows

Once you are happy with the placement, piece the four blocks in row one together so that you end up with a row measuring 6.5” x 24.5”.

Continue in this manner until you have four rows measuring 6.5" x 24.5”.

Holiday Special Issue

Winter in the Woods Pattern
Winter in the Woods pattern p50 should read "46 squares 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” in various prints for borders.

Winter in the Woods pattern p51, Step 3, should read 14 squares rather than 11, in all parts of this step.

Yule Yeti Pattern
Finished size is 5"

Christmas Star Mug Rugs
Please use Template A to cut the triangles from the strips and Template B to fussy cut your motifs.

Merrylegs The Doll Pattern

When you are sewing on your face and hair pieces, you need to also pin the hands on to the front of her dress and sew round using a scant seam in a straight stitch.