Monday, April 12, 2010

A sneaky peek.............

Issue 1 will be ready soon, in the meantime to feed your imagination with the possibilities soon to be offered, take a look at a sneaky peek of our quilty feast!

We will be offering tasty dishes of flying fish!! and geese!!! Luxurious Jewel box treasures and more.

There will be features and giveaways on the latest fabrics and books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All because we know exactly what you like!!!! And if you think of something that might be of interest to us, let us know!!!

So what do you think? Fancy anything on the menu?????


  1. Looks VERY interesting.
    Can't wait to see what you have made!

  2. I will take the all you can eat buffet please :-)

  3. Love the vines coming together! Fun!

  4. How exciting! What a great line-up of talented quilters. I can't wait to see the first issue. You go gals - and John! :-)

  5. umm..went to the Etsy shop but nothing there yet? when will we be able to order the mag??

  6. Quiltygirl, it is out very soon!
    Keep your eye on the blog for the launch.

  7. I will take all the menu, please. When it will be the launch? I know it will be soon, but please give us a clue, can't wait :D

  8. Looking great you guys!!! Can't wait to see what's to come!

  9. How exciting. Cannot wait! I'd love some ideas for a fresh modern hexagon quilt!

  10. Ooh la la!! Looks great - cant wait!!

  11. I really love the striped piece in the upper right haand corner. I've been interested in working with stripes for some time, but haven't quite gotten around to it.

    I'd love to win the copy of issue 1. I hope that I can manage to scrape up the moolah to subscribe (I'm on disability and about half my income goes to housing (plus taxes, insurance, and all that crap) and the other half goes to health insurance and medical expenses. I have to tap my home improvement loan or credit cards for other things, like food, gas, etc. I do have an income tax refund coming at some point and I'll have to hope that there is some uncomitted money left. It would be great to be able to preview issue one (by winning a copy

    Looks like all involved are doing a wonderful job -- broad range of things that look very interesting to me.


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