Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flickr Feature - Pillow Talk Swap

According to Wikipedia, Flickr is 'an image and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community. In addition to being a popular website for users to share and embed personal photographs, the service is widely used by bloggers to host images that they embed in blogs and social media.'

Flickr is, in fact how most of us here at Fat Quarterly 'met', which brings us to our first Flickr feature - the Pillow Talk Swap. To tell us a little about the Pillow Talk Swap are founders Heather and Kerri.

FQ - Can you tell us a little more about the swap? 
Kerri - 'The Pillow Talk Swap is intended for online flickr friends with a passion for sewing and { like minded fabrics } who would like to participate in a swap for a Fabulous Home Dec Pillow! It is a "blind" swap where you don't know who is making a piece for you.  Each member is asked to provide their likes, dislikes, color preferences, and favorite designers that can then be passed on to their blind partner.

At the beginning each member can make a helpful mosaic for their partner that gives examples of what would best represent their style. Heather and I also do our very best to make sure every member is paired with someone who has a similar style!
The Pillow Talk Swap is now in it's third round and has almost 100 members participating, and has tripled in membership since it's origination.  Every member brings so much inspiration and talent, it truly astonishes me.'

FQ: What led you and Heather to start the pillow talk swap?
Kerri - 'Heather and I had both participated in a few other online flickr swaps, we both felt that they were not tailored to modern quilters. It really was a gamble in what you might receive back.   
With that in mind, when talking one day, Heather mentioned how functional a pillow swap would be as you can't have too many pillows!!  We both thought it would be fun to gather our closest online friends to enjoy a modern pillow swap and it all started from there.   
We have been humbled at the amount of interest of talented quilters and crafters who have asked to participate.   With each swap we "meet" even more amazing people!!'

Fat Quarterly Favourites:

FQ - What do you enjoy most about swaps?
Heather - 'That’s easy, my friendships.  Anyone familiar with our groups ( IE: The – { designer ) – Swappy - Poo, The Pillow Talk { Swap }, and the { Urban } Home Goods – a Modern Swap ) knows that the talent is immense.  That’s no secret but the humbling part of them, is the kinship between us. 

I can honestly say that Kerri and I are always touched by the surreal support, enthusiasm, and grand excitement that these swaps & groups bring to every crafters spirit.  These communities are filled with the most graceful crafters who consistently thrive at giving each other tremendous credit!  Period.  It is that amazing.'

Fat Quarterly are going to be following the swap with interest. As soon as the pillows are made, we will be asking you to vote on your favourite - there will be prizes available, details to follow.

We would love to hear  about any flickr swaps that you are participating in, drop us a line at and your swap could be our next feature!


  1. What a nice feature/interview for the Pillow Talk Swap. Kerri and Heather work so hard and do an awesome job!

  2. What a great idea to feature the swap. The pillows that have emerged from that pool show what an incredible assortment of talented artists have joined. I really looking forward to see what emerges next!

  3. great feature :)
    I just LOVE the Pillow talk swap! So fun to be part of and soooooo inspiring.

  4. I love the group too!!!!!!!!!
    and I'm in since the begining.
    thank you Heather and Kerri for the the great work in that group, thankyou Dears :D
    thanks for(mine) the favorite pillow :))

  5. Great article. Heather and Kerri are awesome ladies. Thank you for featuring my pillow too :)

  6. Hehe... the pillow on the bottom left is sitting on my couch right now. I love it!