Monday, May 31, 2010

Quilting Bee Blocks

Are any of you involved in online quilting bees? All of us are a member of at least 1 bee. In fact most of us are members of multiple bees as we just can't get enough!! It is so much fun playing with different fabrics and being able to make such a wide variety of blocks!

If you are either in a bee or are thinking about being in a bee then you really want to check out Quilting Bee Blocks

This site is an extension from the flickr group Quilting Bee Blocks where you can check out which bees are up and running, sign up for new bees and ask people to come and join your bee.

And the flickr group is a fantastic source of inspiration. Jam packed with amazing blocks made in the countless bees held in flickr.

Click over to Quilting Bee Blocks to see which blocks were our favourite last week. Then head over to the flickr group to see which blocks make you squeal!

1 comment:

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