Friday, February 18, 2011

Beetle Bugs by Saffron Craig

Saffron Craig has dropped by today to tell us a little about her latest range 'Beetle Bugs', this one is so cute, you're gonna love it we're sure!

My new range "Beetle Bugs" was designed with boys in mind. The inspiration came when my 5 year old daughter and her best friend were drawing snails and bugs they'd collected from my back yard and I saw their fascination with these little creatures.

The collection presents itself with 6 designs in a harmonious palette of leafy greens, earthy creams and greys accented by vibrant orange and deep reds. Fabrics are printed on 100% light-weight cotton.

Snails and Ladders: this is a large repeat design at 64 cm with lovely detail in red, orange, warm grey and green.

Bug Spot: Little bugs are caught on a spot and are blowing in the wind defying gravity. Light green spots with mid grey bugs on a warm cream background.

Bug Wings: The geometric and textural design of the range. The bug wings form a dense spot-like pattern in a light green with a tiny splash of a red dot on a light background.

Beetle Bug: the namesake on the range. Bold and vibrant bugs are caught inside bubbles and being tossed and turned in the breeze. We've already seen this fabric turn up as hats, dresses and bean bags.

Running Bugs: Saffron loves a running stitch, so she thought she might take a pun with this one! Little Beetle Bugs are crawling along the running stitches to create a stripe. The parallel lines decorate the fabric all over the cloth and the repeat is 64cm. The dashed lines are dark red on cream coloured fabric.

Bug party: a super dazzling fun fabric playing with the idea of bugs having a great time. Some are flying, while some are caught in a breeze holding onto a leaf as they fly. Other bug's are chasing each other playing games. Dark red with bright red and a lovely orangy yellow.

Thanks so much Saffron for introducing us to Beetle Bugs & sharing the inspiration behind this fun design.

Beetle Bugs is available to purchase online from Saffron's Web Store , so scurry along there :)


  1. I love bugs, and I love this fabric!

  2. Fabulous colors and wonderful prints! Love it!

  3. So fun and I love the colors! It's always nice to see fabrics designed with boys in mind -- these are great!

  4. This fabric is just charming. I would love to make those pillows. I have two grandsons with curtains in mind.

  5. That is so cute! I love the colours. Would suit so many different ages.

  6. What a great collection! Love the colors. Very cool fabrics for both girls and boys ;)