Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February Promotion!

Have you been contemplating purchasing an annual subscription to Fat Quarterly but haven't quite got around to buying it?

Well, for the entire month of February anybody who purchases an annual subscription will receive a FREE 'Curlicue Crush' quilt pattern from Chasing Cottons.
All you need to do is purchase an annual subscription here and we will send you the FREE quilt pattern in a separate email.

**Offer is only available on subscriptions purchased from 1st Feb 2011 to 28th Feb 2011**

A big thank you to Rebecca from Chasing Cottons who has made her pattern available. I asked Rebecca a few questions so you could all get to know her a little better, her work is exceptional and we are sure you will love her quilts.

When did  you begin Quilting?
Two and a half years ago my girlfriend and I had free tickets to a craft show.  We were excited to go along as I had always enjoyed making things but had NO IDEA what was available. How modern, funky and yet vintage, handmade craft had become. It was there that my love affair for fabric began. 

Fabric, is like scrap booking paper...only so so much better!! That day, i took home a few bundles of fabric, a couple quilt patterns, rotary cutter, mat and my first sewing machine. I started sewing that night, and nearly every day since! Even though the patterns weren't exactly what I was after, they were enough to get me started. I had no idea how to make a quilt. That very first pattern I even changed the design and I have been designing my own quilts ever since.

Why do you Quilt?
It makes me happy. Ten months ago I gave birth to my baby number three and seconds after he was born, nurses and doctors couldn't get him to breathe properly. X-rays quickly followed and revealed that his lungs hadn't developed properly. After an indescribable 39hours, he passed away.
 It has been a daily, hourly, moment by moment struggle, dealing with the sudden loss of my little boy Chase. After a couple months, I found myself madly sewing, thinking up new pattern designs, quilting has given me something fun and exciting to think about. Keeps my mind active, has helped me heal and cope with my empty heart and home.

Six months ago I started selling my patterns Sand Castles, Diamond Bouquet, Star Jewels, Rolling Meadows, Curlicue Crush, latest Eden's Garden. At that time I also started a blog, born out of my obsession with fabric, and my love for my little boy Chase. So it started.... Chasing Cottons.
 What is your favourite Quilting Tip?
Don't be nervous to try something new, and find your local quilt shop and sign up for a Sampler Quilt class. A few months after I started quilting, I took a Sampler class.. It consisted of 20 different quilt blocks, each block taught a few different techniques. So, by the time you had finished the 20 blocks, you had many many different ways to work with fabric. It gave me the fundamentals for so many different types of quilting. Although these techniques may not be the new 'modern' way style, you can incorporate these basics into so many new and different designs.

What is your design process?
I find a lot of inspiration everywhere. When it comes to designing a new quilt, the fabric is my main source of inspiration. However my quilts patterns can easily suit any fabric but that is just where I start. I also find a lot of inspiration from many amazing blogs, flickr, magazines etc. I doodle my designs on grid paper to see if I can get them to work in block forms so they will be easily put together. I pretty much work out the whole quilt before I begin cutting. Then the best part - cutting, sewing, quilting!!

Do you sew other things?
Sometimes. I LOVE quilts, and they are my passion, but over the last 6 months I have gained to much inspiration from other blogs and have ventured into making a few quick projects. A dress for my daughter, a couple of gathered clutches and currently I am just setting up a new house and sewing room. So in 2011 I hope to have a few tutorials coming soon. Covers for sewing machines, ironing boards, pillows, kitchen nic nacs, fabric wall art... plus a few new quilt patterns buzzing around in my head.

Anything else you would like us to know about you??In the real world, I'm just a stay at home mum with three kids, Tanner 6, Indianna 3 1/2, and Chase, and a husband who is the most wonderful person in the whole world.


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  1. A great interview with someone I admire so much. Thanks, Becky!

  2. Thanks for bringing us a great interview with Rebecca. My heart breaks for her loss, but rejoices that she has an outlet in quilting. Love her patterns and blog!

  3. I suspect my annual subscription has now expired.
    Do you guys send out renewal notices? Or should I just go ahead and buy another subscription this month (so I can grab that gorgeous pattern)?
    Andi x

  4. There is something about the connection between heart and hands when we quilt; it can brings us through so many challenges and help us to heal. Thank you for your lovely interview Rebecca and for sharing your beautiful work!

  5. What a wonderful interview! And i was wondering the same thing as Andi....

  6. Love your work Becky! Can't wait to see all your projects in 2011!

  7. What a great offer!! I loved this quilt when i saw it in the Bloggers Quilt festival. Thanks for a great interview and thanks to Rebecca for being so generous with her pattern.

  8. Andi and Amber - if you would like to buy a new subscription to Fat Quarterly and take advantage of this special offer you can go to our etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/listing/45595664/fat-quarterly-annual-subscription-issue and buy a subscription starting with Issue 5.


  9. Thank you SO much! I love this pattern!

    I had a miscarriage and I was heartbroken. There's an instant bond, isn't there? I don't even want to imagine how awful it is to lose a baby that you actually had. :( It was nice to get to know Rebecca. :)