Friday, July 9, 2010

Spa from Rosemarie Lavin

Rosemarie Lavin is the designer behind the new line Spa from Windham Fabrics. Previous lines from Rosemarie include Feelin' Groovy and Rhumba amongst many others.

Her newest line Spa has a very subtle, organic feel to it. Rosemarie uses natural shapes and very soothing colours.

The new range can be found at the Fat Quarter Shop.

We caught up with Rosemarie to find out more about her and her new line.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your artistic background.

I am a textile designer and work with my studio artists in NYC. I create products and designs for various customers in the home products market, home sewing market, and the apparel industry.

What 5 adjectives would you use to describe your line.
Organic,beautiful,natural, easy ,and soothing would be the 5 adjectives I would use to describe Spa.

The group is ORGANIC in its NATURAL shapes and SOOTHING in its coloration. I hope sewers will find it EASY to use and create BEAUTIFUL projects.

How do you foresee Spa being used?
I think Spa will have a broad appeal among quilters and sewers. Each pattern is an integral part of the whole collection and will make fantastic quilts. Yet each is strong enough to stand on its own and work for dresses as well as accessories.

Are you a sewer?
As I am not a sewer, I am amazed at the beautiful designs that quilters create with my fabrics. Lately I have been trying to cad some quilt designs using my fabric collections.

A pattern of a peace sign quilt that I designed with the Feelin' Groovy collection is available.

I am also working on a Breast Cancer awareness quilting collection and I will be designing a pattern for that group. Windham Fabrics donates a portion of the proceeds from all my collections to the Maurer Foundation. All projects are available at Windham

What comes next for Rosemarie Lavin?

Two other Rosemarie Lavin for Windham collections will be released in the next few months. The Flannel Rose will be released in May. This is a beautiful floral group in plums, roses and sage greens, printed on quilters flannel. This follows Cambridge my first group for quilters flannel. Spa will be released in June, and in July Paisley Panache will be out.


  1. Really beautiful and soothing collection. Love the colors. Thanks for the behind-the-scenes interview.

  2. ohhh what beautiful fabrics :)Love the colors!

  3. The colors are really soothing and beautiful!