Friday, August 6, 2010

Featured Sponsor - Burgundy Buttons

FQ: How did your creative journey start?
BB:'I was always a crafty kid, give me some crayons or glue and I would create a Picasso-
like masterpiece that my parents always displayed proudly about the house. I remember a turning point, however, about 18 years ago. A women my friends affectionately called “Momma Albertsen” and I sat around stacks and stacks of fabric wondering how to make a quilt. 

We scratched our heads, bickered over the instructions
and viewed the pattern from every conceivable angle yet still remained mystified. We painstaking and meticulously cut each piece with a plexi-glass template and a pair of scissors. Relentlessly hovering over a never ending pile of cotton, we completed our first quilt in a mere 3 years!

Fast forward several years and Momma Albertsen opened herself up a little quilt shop in Burlington, North Carolina. . Armed with a lot more knowledge of quilting and (thank goodness) ROTARY CUTTING skills she taught all those willing to learn! Admittedly, I was still a bit resistant bitterly recalling the amount of time it took to complete our first project, and didn’t quite have the fabric-fever for several more years!

By August of 2008, having developed said fever; I desperately wanted to design my own children’s bedding & quilt collections. With Momma A’s guidance, I ventured into the quilt e-commerce business to start paving my way. I will never forget Peggy; a Physician in Germany; was my first customer. I was immediately international! I even felt a little fancy! I have been so busy ever since that I hardly have time to sew!'

FQ: What does a normal day entail?
BB: 'My normal day starts about 4am! I tend to Burgundy Buttons for about 2 hours in the morning before getting ready for my day in Corporate America. When I get home, I am back at it for another 3 hours or so before hitting the sac. Needless to say, I haven’t watched TV in years!

Saturday mornings I have the limited luxury of spending time in my sewing room before getting out there and being active with my day. I have recently developed quite a fondness for potholders and pillows- as they are actually finish-able in the amount of time I have.'

FQ: What are the best parts about running the store?

BB: 'The best parts are seeing the amazing fabric and “meeting” so many talented people! Julie Herman, Tracey Jacobsen, Rachel Griffith, Vanessa Christensen, the Fat Quarterly Team and so many more never cease to inspire me with their creative ideas. I am so thankful for their blogging as they really have nice projects out there for all levels of quilting.'

FQ: Are there any aspects of the job that you don't enjoy?
BB: 'Owning an e-commerce business does take up an exorbitant amount of time. I do hope to one day make Burgundy Buttons a full time endeavor and put the 14 hour days behind me.'

FQ: Do you have a favorite designer?
BB: 'Anyone who has read my blog knows that I am over-the-moon for Kate Spain. Being a scrapbook junkie as well, I can never go wrong with Basic Grey! I received an email once from Kate Spain thanking me for my support by carrying her collections. My friends still like to tell the story about how giddy I was when she signed her email with “Hugs, Kate”! We now often end our emails, texts and IM’s with “Hugs” in her honor.'

FQ: Are there any creative skills that you would like to learn.
BB:'I am always a little embarrassed when people ask for my help with a (non quilting) sewing pattern. I am one of those who can see something and sew it- but put a traditional sewing pattern in front of me and it might as well be in Greek.'

I am honored to have been sponsoring the Fat Quarterly from the beginning. To celebrate for the entire month of August, FatQuarterly readers can save an additional 10% off Burgundy Button's already amazingly low prices.  Use promotion code FQ at checkout to save! 


  1. Leah, what fun to read about your creative beginnings and the progression to opening your own e-commerce quilt shop. Before long, you'll surely be able to scrap the day job and sew to your heart's content! And btw, i heart you too :) hugs (heehee), kate

  2. I just love Leah and Burgundy Buttons - and was amazed to find out that she's "just around the corner" from me, a few miles away! She has great customer service, amazing prices and really fast shipping! She's always my first go-to when I need something new..... So nice to read your interview with her! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. You are a great lady Leah! :)

    You work too hard though! I wish you all the best going full time with your quilt shop! :)

  4. Leah, I can't imagine having a day like your typical day even once a week! I'm so glad you work as hard as you do though, because I love your shop. Thanks so much for the 10% discount — I know where part of my next paycheck is going...