Friday, September 10, 2010

Did you know?

That you can also find us on Facebook and Twitter? We update and tweet daily, keep an eye out for information on sales and special offers from our sponsors!

If you are pushed for time, you can see our updates via our widget...just there on our sidebar. For really up to the minute information though, it is probably best to add us as a friend or follow us.

Another thing: all quiltalongers – are you signed up on twitter yet?
If not quick go and get yourself an account it is so easy. Just go to and follow the instructions for registration.
We’ll wait while you do it.
OK, ready now? Great. Next visit our twitter accounts and add us as a followers.
Great. Now you are all set up to join in the fun.
On Monday 13th September we are going to hold a meet and greet for all Fat Quarterly Quiltalongers.
European Berlin – 23:00
UK time 22:00
Australia / Melbourne – 07:00 (next day)
US Eastern – 17:00
US Central -16:00
US Pacific – 14:00

Come introduce yourself, let us know what fabric you are using, where your blog is and get to know your other quiltalongers.
How it works:
To talk to each other we will use hashtags. Whenever you tweet simply add #fatq to your tweet.
To read each other’s tweets you will need to search for the #fatq hashtag.
On the right hand side of your Twitter home page there is a white search box. Enter #fatq to find all tweets containing the #fatq hashtag.
You will need to keep refreshing the search to keep up with the conversation.
It is a good idea to follow the other quiltalongers as soon as you find them. Then you can go on chatting with each other outside our meet and greet and it will make it easier for you to follow the conversation during the meet and greet.
All clear? Probably as clear as mud! The best way to understand is probably to just get stuck in.
So it’s a date right? We’ll see you there!


Edited - we will use #fatq as the hash tag as #fq is already being used and it might be too confusing!

Thats Sew Shawna has we use

If you have a twitter account you can sign into the tweet chat room and it makes it much easier to follow the conversation. Just enter #fatq and you can automatically see all tweets with that tag. It will also put the tag in your tweet for you.


  1. I've pressed and am ready to cut. I'm not ready to Tweet, tho, so I'll just check in here, kay? If I start one more form of online social networking, I'll never get this quilt finished!

  2. I love following you all on Twitter! I wish I had time to participate in the quiltalong cuz I love the pattern. Cool idea to do a meet and greet!

  3. If you go to you can enter in the tag #FQ and it becomes a Twitter chatroom. You can see everyone who is using the hashtag and it will put in the hashtag for you automatically when you tweet.

    It's awesome :)

  4. Wish the meet & Greet was on FB; not a member of twitter, not enough time in the day to follow it all!

    Fabrics picked and prepped, ready to cut!

  5. I live in the US. Can you advise me on where can i purchase the bag bottom grid.