Monday, September 13, 2010

Quilt Along post 3 - block assembly

By now you should have all of your strips and squares cut and set to one side.

A few of you got a little confused with how the blocks were going to be constructed as it didn't seem like you'd cut any squares for the centres of the blocks (using the jelly roll instructions). You actually cut those centre squares out of the jelly roll as you cut everything else.

Hopefully everything will become nice and clear now!

  1. take 2 squares and 2 strips for the outer ring of the block. These should all be from the same fabric.
  2. choose a different square for the centre (either from your separate pile of centre squares , if you used Kate's Fat Quarter method, or from the pile of 2.5 inch squares you cut from your jelly roll)
  3. sew the 2.5 inch outer ring squares to either side of your centre square (see mosaic above, reference picture 2). Press seams away from the centre square
  4. sew the 2 outer ring strips to either side of the centre square (see mosaic above, reference picture 3) and press away from the centre again.

Repeat until you have a pile of 80 blocks.

And that is it - you can speed through these blocks by chain piecing, or take your time and plan each one carefully so you know exactly what fabric will have which as it's outer ring and centre.
There's no right or wrong way - so just have fun!!!


  1. OOOOOOOOO I'm raring to go with this Katy.. So far so good. Though I shall let you know how goes it with this stage..

    The instructions have been really easy to follow. It did take a while for me to cut out the square, but using the jelly roll made it so much easier.

    Have a fabby day x

  2. I never realized how hard it would be to start making up the blocks until I was done cutting. I've now covered my sewing room in empty squares so I can try to figure out where to put the middle squares before I start sewing. It looks like my fabric exploded in there!

  3. Just to verify, do we sew only 2 sides of the center square to the outer ring, thus leaving 2 sides without stitches? Thanks!

  4. Sara (from previous post)September 19, 2010 at 7:46 AM

    Nevermind...I got it. Sorry for being so dense, I was up too late and the coffee had not kicked it yet. These instructions made perfect sense. Thanks!