Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Modern Madness Round 1 | Region 1 Voting

Modern Madness -- the most rock'em-est sock'em-est steel cage single-elimination octagon battle to the death of your favorite fabric lines -- begins TODAY!

16 lines from Region 1 are duking it out in what many experts (OK, just me) are calling the toughest region of them all. The random selection powers-that-be were not smiling kindly on many of the fabric lines placed in Region 1. The competition is stiff. Will some of your favorites be knocked out early??

Use the form below to place your votes. Voting will remain open until approximately 9PM EST on Saturday, March 5th. The winning lines will be announced on Sunday the 6th, when the fabric lines from Region 2 will begin their assault.

If you need to print your brackets, you can find them here.

Want to see the Fat Quarterly team's predictions?:

Please, only one ballot per reader. Good luck, and have fun!

*** NOTE: Voting for Region 1 is now closed. Thanks for playing! ***

Magnolia Lane by Laura Gunn
Tufted Tweets by Laurie wisbrun

Coquette by Carina Gardner
Sunkissed by Sweetwater

From Little Things by Sarah Fielke
Modern Affair by Patricia Bravo

Flora & Fauna by Patty Young
Geo Grande by Daisy Janie

My Folklore by Lecien
Parisville by Tula Pink

Owl's Range by Saffron Craig
Punctuation by American Jane

Nest by Valori Wells
Marine by Dan Stiles

Central Park by Kate Spain
Sweet Broderie by Rosalie Quinlan


  1. So fun! Can we include thumbnails of the fabrics? It's hard to remember all these. :)

  2. haha, this cracks me up. So clever and fun!

  3. Very fun! I had to look up a couple of them b/c I couldn't remember what they were. Great way to be reintroduced to some fabulous collections!

  4. I am so excited for this. I have my bracket all filled out!!

  5. Oh man, that very first pick was a tough one! I had to look up their stats and their overall record. *L* I finally went with experience there.

  6. Voted! So curious to see which fabrics prevail... :)

  7. Great idea but, PLEASE - we need pics.

  8. Thanks for the online voting - made that very easy!

  9. Elena & Jeanne ... we encourage you to visit our sponsor shops or simply Google the lines you're unfamiliar with for images. The thought of adding all of those pictures is overwhelming!!!

  10. John, your picks on the pdf doesn't show who your final Champion is. Is it Parisville or Hope Valley? Inquiring minds need to know! :)

  11. Voted! This is too fun. I can't wait to see how we all compare. Some are such clear winners, but there are some tough competition for others!

  12. ~Kathleen -- ooops! how did that happen?? i have hope valley as my champion!

  13. I understand that posting thumbnails would be a NIGHTMARE, but please, links to some of these lines would be great for those of us that can't remember each and every fabric line...

  14. This is fun :) I'm quite new to it all and it's great to discover so many wonderful fabrics.

  15. Woohoo! I didn't make a bracket but I did vote... I am just excited that there is finally a form of march madness that is relevant to my life!

  16. What a great idea :o) There's some hard choices to make between some real favourites! Looking forward to seeing who takes out the title of 'Modern Fabric Champion'!!

  17. Wow! This is fun but there were lots of difficult picks to make! Thanks!

  18. Some were too difficult to choose :D

  19. This is so much fun!! I hadn't heard of some of the ranges so enjoyed popping over to find out more. looking forward to the next round.