Friday, March 18, 2011

Modern Madness Round 2 | Region 2 Voting

After 751 votes, the first 4 teams have made it into our round of 16! After a series of very hard fought battles, here are the results from Region 1:

Sunkissed by Sweetwater - 488 votes (65%)
def. Tufted Tweets by Laurie Wisbrun - 263 (35%)

Flora & Fauna by Patty Young - 466 votes (62%)
def. Modern Affair by Pat Bravo - 285 (38%)

Parisville by Tula Pink - 460 votes (61%)
def. Punctuation by American Jane - 291 (39%)

Central Park by Kate Spain - 458 votes (61%)
def. Nest by Valori Wells - 293 (39%)

If you're keeping score, give yourself 2 points for every winning fabric line that you had predicted would be in the round of 16. How are your brackets looking? Are your Final Four lines still alive?

We know that many of you are curious to see how you're faring against your fellow Fat Quarterly readers. Here is the Modern Madness Leader Board with all Round 1 scores tallied:


How did you stack up?

And now it's time for our next 8 teams to take the court. Use the ballot below to cast your votes. Remember, one vote per reader please! To refresh your memory, the links to these lines can be found here.

{Sherbet Pips vs. Innocent Crush?! How to choose? These match-ups are sure to be doozies.}

Have fun!

** Voting is now closed. Thanks for playing! **

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